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How PMP® Certification benefits Project Management Professionals?!

1. It improves your all-round knowledge of project management
     As a project manager (or a team leader), even if you had handled a few projects, there are always aspects of project management most people do not deal with in their day-to-day work (depends on the organization, projects etc.). For example, you would have previously worked only on fixed cost budgets and never had to go through the grind of estimating and budgeting. There are others whose PM roles are often diluted to that of just a coordinate. While preparing for the PMP, you close these gaps in your knowledge that you hadn’t gained through experience. This not only helps you tackle situations in future projects better, but also gives you leverage even when attending interviews (wherein you can demonstrate knowledge of project management processes you may not have worked on but which you understand, nevertheless. This is always better than saying, “No, I didn’t do that in my projects and don’t know about it” when asked about an unfamiliar process)

2. It gives you a competitive edge over non-certified peers
   There are dime-a-dozen postings for project managers every other day by major corporate organizations. One single project management opening had often 300–500 applicants on LinkedIn. The numbers can be overwhelming for a recruiter and they need a mechanism to filter out candidates. They would do it ideally by checking if the candidate has the relevant number of years of experience and the necessary experience in the given domain/industry. Finally, if they still have candidates who have the similar number of years of PM experience and the necessary domain exposure, a certified person will hold the edge when it comes to getting into an interview shortlist.

3. Makes you an easier chose for clients
    A company can also show their clients that a project manager assigned to a new project is PMP certified. This is reassuring to clients because they now know for certain that a new PM has enough understanding of standard PM methodology and practices and therefore is likely to have a more structured approach towards the project.

4. Greater probability of promotion within an organization
     If you’re in a team leader role, you would be able to use the PMP certification as a leverage to move up the ladder - you may have seen this happen in many organizations. 
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