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Important Topic to crack PMP Exam

Let us see the most important and FAQ topic for PMP Exam.

Important Topic to Crack PMP Exam


Delegation is one of the most important topics which is a process of distributing the work to the individuals ( Team Members )working on the project. When the work is delegated then it means the person has accepted the work which is reliable however the final responsibilities still lies on the Project Manager.

Why Delegate?

Effective Delegation is an essential role in project environment it also important to delegate the work in order to increase effectiveness and efficiency in managing a project.

The different Aspects to consider while delegating are

* To Motivate the Team
* To boost up their morale
* To Provide them with Challenges
* To Create Successors

Following Points are necessary to remember while delegating

1. What should be delegated - Not every Task a Project Manager can be delegated. Project Manager must evaluate the risk before delegating the tasks.

2. Clarity of the Results - As a Project Manager you have to establish the end results of those tasks. End results also depend on Team Members, they can also give their successful results individually.

3. Defining the Responsibility - Project Manager should determine the responsibility level of the Employees and ensure that they have understood the project concept.

4. Delegating the authority - Major failures in task delegation happens due to lack of authority delegation. However, for every small decision employees must get an approval from the senior management to move on. Authority required for successful accomplishments of the task should also be delegated.

5. Establishing the Timeline  - A clear and agreed upon timeline must be published and milestones should be monitored in project progress reviews.

6. Support & Feedback - It encourages the employee taking up the task if timely feedback is provided along with the continuous support. Training should also be provided to achieve the set goals if required.
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